Membership does not include class fees for special programs or outside classes held at the Athletic Performance Center. Prices for non-included classes are:








Class Schedule


Gym Membership Pricing

Membership fees include the following free classes along with the use of gym facilities:
- Yoga
- Aquatic Arthritis
- Aquafit
(Please see Schedule.)

Individual Membership:

1 month: $55
3 month: $150
6 month: $280
1 year: $500


1 month: $90
3 month: $243
6 month: $455
1 year: $800

The APC does not discriminate. Any couple or pair is accepted. For example, a couple could be spouses, any two people in the same family, best friends, or neighbors; any combination is allowed as long as the pair signs up together. Couples or pairs are not expected to use the gym at the same time.