Nothing is impossible here at the Athletic Performance Center of Prescott. We are here to provide the helping hand you need.

APC is the neighboring business of The Center for Physical Excellence so during the week, APC members have access to licensed Physical Therapists for any questions that need answering regarding special needs or programming. APC staff are educated in the use of all of the equipment and include professionals versed in tailoring individualized personal training programs.



The Athletic Performance Center of Prescott offers facilities, classes and programs to further your fitness and health goals. Whether it is simply to add muscle mass, maintain progress made in your physical therapy treatments, improve at a sport or achieve personal fitness goals, we are here to help you meet those goals and exceed them.

We have classes available that include Jazzercise, Yoga, Aquatic exercises for water lovers and those of you with arthritis or joint pain that limits you ability to exercise with conventional exercise equipment.